Information on the FORMER microwave system ONLY Information on the FORMER microwave system ONLY

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that the Directorate of Roads and Motorways (DRM) has identified a web side, offering a payment of 20 EUR in case that you provide them with (i) your OBU units "Premid", which were valid in the former microwave Toll System in the Czech Republic, and (ii) various data and information about your vehicles, your company etc. This website also offers that the return of the Premid OBU unit to the DRM will be settled with DRM on your behalf.

The DRM strongly recommends to be careful about any such offers and actions! Even there is a logo of the DRM on this web site, the owner of the web site is not authorized to use it and the web site is definitely not an activity of the DMR.

According to the Czech law system, any customer of the former microwave Toll System in the Czech Republic, owning the Premid OBU unit, is entitled to get back the full deposit amounting to 1.550 CZK (approximately 60 EUR) provided that the undamaged Premid OBU unit will be delivered directly to the address listed here within one year of the last toll transaction recorded on such Premid OBU unit. i.e. in any case no later than on November 30, 2020.

The DRM therefore strongly recommends not accept the above mentioned offer presented by the web side or any other similar offers.


Current Information on the Terminated Toll System:


On 30th November 2020, all unreturned thus non-refunded on-board units (OBUs) of the former microwave toll system (marked “premid”) were definitively forfeited / expired for refund of the deposit and unused credit balance. Details provided hereto in accordance with the Contractual Terms of the Operator of the Electronic Toll System, with regard to the relevant provisions of Act No. 13/1997 Coll., On Roads, as amended.

If the carriers, resp. "The Users" of those particular units ("Electronic Device") have some remaining units available, please ensure their ecological disposal. Thank you!


Information on the (new) Satellite Toll System available in detail on website

All undamaged idle on-board units of the new Satellite Toll System to return directly at the relevant contact and distribution points or mailed to the postal address provided on

Annex NET s.r.o.,
České družiny 5,
160 00 Praha 6


Toll debt notice

Whether a law firm in matters of Toll due may have contacted you, thus authorized by the Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic, please, further contact this relevant law firm in matters of toll debt information.

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic announces that, if necessary, the law firm authorized for this purpose is entitled to call on the relevant vehicle operators on behalf of the Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic for Toll due arrears repayment.

Toll discounts for 2019

The Amendment 196/2012 Coll. Act No. 13/1997 Coll. on Roads provides for the possibility to apply toll discounts. The applying conditions for toll discounts to be set out in Government Regulation No. 240/2014 Coll. (Document Download) dated 27 October 2014, effective from 01/01/2015

For more information, please refer to / or call:

Traffic Information


Dopravní informace


Modernization Highway D1


Informace o modernizaci dálnice D1


Due Toll Notification Letter


Dopis o dlužném mýtném:


Operator Of The Toll System


Provozovatel mýtného systému