Expiration of deposit and credit Expiration of deposit and credit


If there has been no toll transaction recorded over the past 12 months, there will be an expiry and the device will be switched off:

  • there will be a forfeiture of the deposit
  • there will be forfeiture of the outstanding balance (only pre-pay)
  • the account of the vehicle will be closed


Closing of the account for vehicles is directed by the 13/1997 Collection of Laws., ยง 22c, Column. (6) Act; see Amendment 268/2015 Collection of Laws. of 13th of November 2015. For this reason, as of 14th of November 2016 devices where there has been no transaction recorded over the past twelve months will expire. The accounts of vehicles will be removed from the evidence and devices will not be functional.

You must re-register the vehicle in the new toll system and provide a new OBU before entering the toll road, see instructions at www.mytocz.eu.

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