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Returning OBU by mail

Prepay OBUs (rechargeable OBU premid):

  1. print the form and fill in all required data legibly;
  2. fill in the ID of all sent pre-pay OBUs;
  3. always fill in your bank details, regardless of the channel through which the deposit and credit were paid;
  4. sign and attach to the shipment;
  5. attach copies of pre-pay vehicle documents (technical certificate, registration certificate) to the consignment.

Post-pay OBU (paid by invoice):

  • PDF form #
    325: Contractual Terms of the Electronic Tolling System Operator (in force 06-01-2020) [PDF]
    328: Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney (specimen) [PDF]
    351: Claim Form (services, billing, information request) [PDF]
    352: Enumeration of obligations and claims (EN) (for accounting) [DOC]
    341: Tariff Table for Toll Segments (obsolete, valid till 11/30/2019) [XLS]
    — : — — — , (obsolete tariff tables) for downloading here
    373: List of Banking and Fleet Cards accepted [XLS][PDF]

    Technical Documents #

    302: CE0682 — OBU / Declaration of Conformity [PDF]
    343: Table of Emission Categories [PDF]

    Maps #

    381: Network of Czech roads that are subject to the toll A4 valid till 30/11/2019 [GIF]
    382: Map A0 … toll segments IDs type D01011 (7.4 MB) [PDF]
    383: Map A0 … toll segments IDs type D0123 (7,4 MB) [PDF]

    Contract on Postpaid mode #

    329: Postpaid Contract Termination [PDF]

Traffic Information


Dopravní informace


Modernization Highway D1


Informace o modernizaci dálnice D1


Due Toll Notification Letter


Dopis o dlužném mýtném:


Operator Of The Toll System


Provozovatel mýtného systému